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If you're looking for a backpack that fits your Inogen one G3 unit? This lightweight backpack is lightweight at only 12.5 ounces. This is a great backpack for outdoor activities where you don't want to carry anything else with you, want a lightweight hands free option that vents your unit perfectly. Fits both the standard & extended battery. The backpack has a zippered bottom for easily changing your battery and a pad that rests at the bottom for when a single battery is used & can be taken out when the extended battery is in use. 

The difference between this backpack and the Inogen one G3 backpacks we sell is this one has no side pockets, only vents along the sides and front. The backpack still has the padded mesh for your back along with padded backpack straps & adjustable & removable chest strap. 

Backpack dimensions: 

Height: 8.65, Length: 8.90, Width: 3.0 IN.

Easy to clean, water resistant & breathable fabric 

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