Oxygen Purses

Save $ 90.00 Denim Oxygen Tank Purse - O2TOTES

Denim Oxygen Tank Purse

New to our collection is our small denim oxygen purse for oxygen tanks. Handcrafted in the U.S.A our denim purse is produced with designer quality denim, 1.5" nylon straps and...

$ 39.99 $ 129.99
Save $ 10.00 Crossbody purse in Vibrant Black - O2TOTES

Oxygen Tank Bag with Crossbody & Shoulder Strap

DESCRIPTIONOur #1 seller is back and even better than before!This bag will fit the following tanks:M4, M6 & C tanks (find your tank size above)Fabric: Suede Color: Marsala (2016 color...

$ 59.99 $ 69.99
Save $ 30.00 Stylish Oxygen Bag in Suede

Oxygen Tank Purse with Adjustable Crossbody & Purse Straps

Our #1 seller is back and even better than before! This bag will fit the following tanks: M4, M6 & C tanks (find your tank size above) Fabric: Suede  Color:...

$ 59.99 $ 89.99
Save $ 10.00 Purse Organizer - O2TOTES

Purse Organizer

For those that want more pockets and organization, this is the insert for you! This insert lies on top of your O2TOTES bag, The bottom of the insert is mesh,...

$ 9.99 $ 19.99
Save $ 20.00 Runway: Small Oxygen Purse - O2TOTES

Runway: Small Oxygen Purse

The Runway tote bag is a great bag for those individuals with a small oxygen tank, M4 and M7. The Runway comes in two colors, Black and Tan, features a...

$ 49.99 $ 69.99
Save $ 80.00 Small oxygen Purse in Gold & blue - O2TOTES

Small oxygen Purse in Gold & blue

Rich, brilliant, gold & blue designer fabric produce a beautiful oxygen bag for your tank. Great for those outings which you want to look your best, this bag stuns. Handcrafted...

$ 49.99 $ 129.99
Save $ 30.00
Healthy Back Small Bag In Tan - O2TOTES

Small Oxygen Tank Backpack in Tan

Express your personal style with a comfortable backpack that is as fashionable as it is functional. Embroidered pink cherry blossoms add beauty to the back flap of thistan canvas bag....

$ 49.99 $ 79.99
Save $ 30.00 Uptown Oxygen Bag in Tan & Black

Uptown Oxygen Bag in Tan & Black

Comes in black and tan, features a large front magnetic button snap, a large back pocket and a zippered inside pocket. Your oxygen is securely fastened at the bottom of...

$ 39.99 $ 69.99


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